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VOLUME 81 | ISSUE 7 | PAGE 387
Indication of asymptotic scaling in the reactions dd→ p3H, dd→ n3He and pd→ pd

Yu. N. Uzikov
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, LNP, 141980 Dubna, Moscow region, Russia

PACS: 13.75.-n, 24.85.+p, 25.10.+s, 25.40.Cm
It is shown that the differential cross sections of the reactions dd→ n3He and dd→ p3H measured at c.m.s. scattering angle θcm=60° in the interval of the deuteron beam energy 0.5-1.2 GeV demonstrate the scaling behaviour, d\sigma/d t\sim s^{-22}, which follows from constituent quark counting rules. It is found also that the differential cross section of the elastic dp→ dp scattering at θcm=125-135° follows the scaling regime \sim s^{-16} at beam energies 0.5-5 GeV. These data are parameterized here using the Reggeon exchange.

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