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VOLUME 80 | ISSUE 12 | PAGE 865
Nonlinear evolution of a relativistically strong electromagnetic wave in the self-created electron-positron plasma
S. S. Bulanov, A. M. Fedotov1)*, F. Pegoraro1)+
Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, 117218 Moscow, Russia
*Moscow State Engineering Physics Institute, 115409 Moscow, Russia
+Department of Physics, University of Pisa and INFM, Pisa, Italy

PACS: 12.20.Fv, 13.40.-f, 52.20.-j, 52.27.-h, 52.35.Mw
The nonlinear interaction between the electron-positron pairs produced by an electromagnetic wave in plasma and the wave leads to damping of the wave, frequency upshift, change of polarization and particle acceleration. The case of a circularly polarized wave is investigated in the framework of the relativistic Vlasov equation with a source term based on the Schwinger formula for the pair creation rate.

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