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VOLUME 80 | ISSUE 11 | PAGE 803
Search for P-odd asymmetry of prompt neutrons emission in 235U fission induced by cold polarized neutrons
E. V. Brakhman, G. V. Danilyan, A. V. Fedorov, I. L. Karpikhin, V. A. Krakhotin, V. S. Pavlov, R. Golub+, E. I. Korobkina+, T. Wilpert+
State Scientific Center of Russian Federation - Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics, 117218 Moscow, Russia
+Berlin Neutron Scattering Center of Hahn-Meitner Institute, D-14 109 Berlin

PACS: 24.70.+s, 24.80.+y, 25.85.Ec
The preliminary result of the P-odd asymmetry of prompt neutron emission in 235U fission induced by polarized cold neutrons is a = (2.7 \pm 0.8)\cdot10^{-5}. Only the scission neutrons can show such asymmetry, whereas neutrons emitted by excited fragments are the unavoidable background, which suppress the sought asymmetry. The P-odd asymmetry of light fragment emission for 235U is equal to (8.4 \pm 0.6)\cdot10^{-4}. Assuming that last figure defines the parity mixture of fissile nucleus then the suppression factor is equal approximately to 3.

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