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VOLUME 80 | ISSUE 6 | PAGE 429
Study of 2β-decay of 100Mo and 82Se using the NEMO3 detector
R. Arnold^\blacktriangledown, C. Augier^\bullet, J. Baker^\triangledown, A. Barabash+, V. Brudanin^\triangle, A. J. Caffrey^\triangledown, V. Egorov^\triangle, J. L. Guyonnet^\blacktriangledown, F. Hubert+, Ph. Hubert+, L. Jenner^\blacklozenge, C. Jollet^\blacktriangledown, S. Jullian^\bullet, A. Klimenko^\triangle, O. Kochetov^\triangle, S. Konovalov+, V. Kovalenko^\triangle, D. Lalanne^\bullet, F. Leccia+, I. Linck^\blacktriangledown, C. Longuemare*, G. Lutter+, Ch. Marquet+, F. Mauger*, H. W. Nicholson^\blacktriangle, H. Ohsumi^\lozenge, F. Piquemal+, J-L. Reyss^\square, R. Saakyan^\blacklozenge, X. Sarazin^\bullet, F. Scheibling^\blacktriangledown, Yu. Shitov^\triangle, L. Simard^\bullet, A. Smolnikov^\triangle, I. Stekl^\blacksquare, J. Suhonen°, C. S. Sutton^\blacktriangle, G. Szklarz^\bullet, V. Timkin^\triangle, J. Thomas^\blacklozenge, V. Tretyak^\triangle, V. Umatov+, L. Vála^\blacksquare, I. Vanyushin+, S. Vasiliev^\triangle, V. Vasilyev+, V. Vorobel^\bigstar, Ts. Vylov^\triangle
+CENBG, IN2P3-CNRS et Université de Bordeaux, 33170 Gradignan, France
*LPC, IN2P3-CNRS et Université de Caen, 14032 Caen, France
^\triangleJoint Institute for Nuclear Research, 141980 Dubna, Russia
^\squareCFR, CNRS, 91190 Gif sur Yvette, France
^\triangledownINEEL, Idaho Falls, ID 83415, USA
°JYVÄSKYLÄ University, 40351 Jyväskylä, Finland
+Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, 117218 Moscow, Russia
^\bulletLAL, IN2P3-CNRS et Université Paris-Sud, 91405 Orsay, France
^\blacktriangleMHC, South Hadley, Massachusetts 01075, USA
^\blacktriangledownIReS, IN2P3-CNRS et Université Louis Pasteur, 67037 Strasbourg, France
^\blacksquareIEAP CTU, Prague, Czech Republic
^\bigstarCharles University, Prague, Czech Republic
^\lozengeSAGA University, Saga, Saga 840-8502, Japan
^\blacklozengeUniversity College London, London, UK

PACS: 14.80.Mz, 23.40.-s
After analysis of 5797 h of data from the detector NEMO3, new limits on neutrinoless double beta decay of 100Mo (T1/2 > 3.1• 1023 y , 90% CL) and 82Se (T1/2 > 1.4• 1023 y , 90% CL) have been obtained. The corresponding limits on the effective majorana neutrino mass are: \langle m_{\nu}\rangle<
(0.8-1.2) eV and \langle m_{\nu}\rangle< (1.5-3.1) eV, respectively. Also the limits on double-beta decay with Majoron emission are: T1/2 > 1.4• 1022 y (90%CL) for 100Mo and T1/2> 1.2• 1022 y (90% CL) for 82Se. Corresponding bounds on the Majoron-neutrino coupling constant are \langle g_{ee}\rangle < (0.5-0.9) \cdot 10^{-4} and < (0.7-1.6) • 10-4 . Two-neutrino -decay half-lives have been measured with a high accuracy, T_{1/2}^{^{100}{\rm Mo}} = [7.68
\pm 0.02({\rm stat}) \pm 0.54({\rm syst}) ] \cdot 10^{18} y and T_{1/2}^{^{82}{\rm Se}} = [10.3 \pm 0.3({\rm stat}) \pm 0.7({\rm syst})
]\cdot 10^{19} y.

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