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VOLUME 110 | ISSUE 5 | PAGE 323
Collisionless plasma processes at magnetospheric boundaries: Role of strong nonlinear wave interactions
This Letter presents an analysis of the sunward Poynting flux throughout magnetosheath and foreshock (directly measured by INTERBALL-1, CLUSTER-4 and DOUBLE STAR TC1) and its correlation and bi-correlation with the dynamic pressure of the solar plasma flow. It demonstrates, for the first time, that perturbations, caused by the resonances in the magnetospheric boundary layers, propagate upstream towards the bow shock as the short impulses of the sunward Poynting flux, which excite the strongest 3-wave resonances. They are initiated in the foreshock and regulate the bow shock surface oscillations. Another interaction zone near the magnetopause assists plasma flow extra deflection and acceleration around the magnetopause. At the outer boundary of stagnant cusp the turbulent barrier can separate the flowing and stagnant plasmas namely by the 3-wave cascades. So, both experiment and MHD modeling demonstrate the leading role of the discovered waves and nonlinear processes in the collisionless interaction of the plasma flow and magnetic barrier.

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