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VOLUME 107 | ISSUE 11 | PAGE 705
Investigation of the D(3He, p)4He reaction in the astrophysical energy region of \boldsymbol{18\div30} keV
The D(3He, p)4He reaction is first investigated in a solid target of deuterated zirconium (ZrD) in the 3He+ ion energy range E_{\text{He}}=18\div30 keV (E=7.212.0 keV in the center-of-mass system) with a step of 2 keV. The electron screening potential U_e=617.8\pm154.7 eV and the D(3He, p)4He reaction enhancement factors are experimentally determined in the given energy range. The measured electron screening potential is six times higher than in gaseous targets. This can be due to the ZrD lattice effects, which have not been studied either theoretically or experimentally so far. The D(3He, p)4He reaction has been investigated at the pulsed plasma Hall accelerator (Tomsk).