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VOLUME 107 | ISSUE 9 | PAGE 604
Superconducting sweet-spot in microcrystalline graphite revealed by point-contact spectroscopy
In this letter we describe the observation of a magnetic field dependent electronic gap, suggestive of local superconductivity, in the point-contact spectrum of micro-crystalline graphite. Magnetic field dependent point-contact spectroscopy was carried out at a temperature of 1.8 \mathrm{K} using an etched aluminium tip. At zero field a gap structure in the differential conductance is observed, showing a gap of Δ = 4.2 meV. On applying magnetic fields of up to 500 mT, this gap gradually closes, following the theoretical prediction by Ginzburg and Landau for a fully flux-penetrated superconductor. By applying BCS-theory, we infer a critical superconducting temperature of 14 K.