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VOLUME 106 | ISSUE 10 | PAGE 644
Magnetic properties of Na-doped WS 2 monolayer in the presence of isotropic strain
Magnetic properties of Na-doped WS2 monolayer under strain are investigated by ab initio methods. Without strain, the Na-doped WS2 monolayer is a magnetic nanomaterial and the total magnetic moment is about 1.07 μB. We applied strain to Na-doped WS2 monolayer from -10 % to 10 %. The magnetic properties are modified under different strain, the doped system gets a maximum value of 2.01 μB at 10 % tensile strain and a minimum value of 0 μB at -10 % compressive strain. The coupling between 3p states of S and 5d states of W is responsible for the strong strain effect on the magnetic properties. Our studies predict Na-doped WS2 monolayer under strain to be candidates for application in spintronics.

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