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VOLUME 94 | ISSUE 9 | PAGE 752
Topological properties of superconducting junctions
D. I. Pikulin+, Y. V. Nazarov*

+Instituut-Lorentz, Universiteit Leiden, 2300 RA Leiden, Netherlands
*Kavli Institute of Nanoscience, Delft University of Technology, 2628 CJ Delft, Netherlands

Motivated by recent developments in the field of one-dimensional topological superconductors, we investigate the topological properties of s-matrix of generic superconducting junctions where dimension should not play any role. We argue that for a finite junction the s-matrix is always topologically trivial. We resolve an apparent contradiction with the previous results by taking into account the low-energy resonant poles of s-matrix. Thus no common topological transition occur in a finite junction. We reveal a transition of a different kind that concerns the configuration of the resonant poles.

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