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VOLUME 90 | ISSUE 11 | PAGE 830
Remote preparation of N photon GHZ polarization entangled states within a network
Y. Xia, J. Song+, Y. Ning, P.-M. Lu, H.-S. Song+
Department of Physics, Fuzhou University, 350002 Fuzhou, China
+School of Physics and Optoelectronic Technology, Dalian University of Technology, 116024 Dalian, China

PACS: 03.65.Ud, 03.67.Hk
We propose a new linear optical protocol for remote state preparation (RSP) between two parties under control of a number of controllers in terms of optical elements. The proposed setup involves simple linear optical elements, a N-photon polarization entangled state, and photon detectors, witch have been widely used in experiment. The realization of this protocol is appealing due to the fact that quantum state of light is robust against the decoherence and photons are ideal carriers for transmitting quantum information over long distances.

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