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VOLUME 90 | ISSUE 7 | PAGE 584
Vortex glass scaling in Pb-doped Bi-2223 single crystal
Yu. F. Eltsev, S. Lee+, K. Nakao+, S. Tajima*

P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute RAS, 119991 Moscow, Russia
+Superconductivity Research Laboratory, ISTEC, 10-13, Shinonome 1-chome, Koto-ku, 135-0062 Tokyo, Japan
*Osaka University, Toyonaka, 560-0043 Osaka, Japan

PACS: 74.25.Ha, 74.62.Bf, 74.70.Dd
We report on study of the vortex liquid in Pb-doped Bi-2223 single crystal using the in-plane resistivity measurements as a function of temperature and magnetic field up to 6T applied perpendicular to CuO planes. Below Tc at the upper part of superconducting transition we found Arrhenius-like resistivity behavior. With further temperature decrease close to onset of dissipation resistivity shows power law dependence on temperature signaling approaching vortex-glass transition. The critical exponents \nu(z-1)=4.6\pm 0.5 are found to be field independent within experimental errors. We also present magnetic phase diagram defining region of nonzero critical current for Pb-doped Bi-2223 single crystal.

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