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VOLUME 88 | ISSUE 9 | PAGE 712
The Fermi surface reconstruction in stripe phases of cuprates
M. Ya. Ovchinnikova

N.N.Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics RAS, 117334 Moscow, Russia

PACS: 71.10.Fd, 74.20.-z
Mean-field study of the stripe structures is conducted for a hole-doped Hubbard model. For bond-directed stripes, the Fermi surface consists of segments of an open surface and the boundaries of the hole pockets which appear in the diagonal region of momenta under certain conditions. Segments of the first type are due to one-dimensional bands of states localized on the domain walls. The relation of bands to the doping and temperature dependences of the Hall constant is discussed. In connection with the observation of quantum magnetic oscillations, a systematic search for the electron pockets has been carried out. It is shown that the formation of such pockets in bilayer models is quite possible.

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