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VOLUME 87 | ISSUE 6 | PAGE 362
Enhanced super-hyperfine structure of EPR spectra of U3+ ion in the Van Vleck paramagnet LiTmF4
L. K. Aminov, A. A. Ershova, S. L. Korableva, I. N. Kurkin, A. A. Rodionov, B. Z. Malkin

Kazan State University, 420008 Kazan, Russia

PACS: 75.10.Dg, 75.30.Et, 76.30.Kg
The observation of the super-hyperfine structure (SHFS) of EPR spectra due to enhanced nuclear magnetism is reported. The X-band spectrum of U3 + ion introduced into the Van Vleck paramagnet LiTmF4 was measured in the temperature range of 5-20 K and compared with the spectra of LiLuF4:U3 + and LiYF4:U3 + single crystals. The spectra reveal well resolved and strikingly different SHFS. SHFS of Li(Lu,Y)F4:U3 + is due to fluorine ions forming the nearest surroundings of the U3 + ion. The main contribution to SHFS of the U3 + spectrum in LiTmF4 is coming from Tm3 + ions with highly enhanced nuclear gyromagnetic tensor.

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