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VOLUME 86 | ISSUE 12 | PAGE 884
Flattening of Single-Particle Spectra in Strongly Correlated Electron Systems and the Violation of the Wiedemann-Franz Law
V. A. Khodel+,*, V. M. Yakovenko^\nabla, M. V. Zverev+

+Russian Research Centre «Kurchatov Institute", 123182 Moscow, Russia
*McDonnell Center for the Space Science and Department of Physics, Washington University, St.Louis, MO 63130, USA
^\nablaCondensed Matter Theory Center and Center for Superconductivity Research, Department of Physics, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland 20742-4111, USA

PACS: 71.10.Hf, 71.27.+a
The renormalization of the Wiedemann-Franz (WF) ratio in strongly correlated electron systems is analyzed within the Landau quasiparticle picture. We demonstrate that the WF law is violated: (i) at the quantum critical point, where the effective mass diverges, and (ii) beyond a point of fermion condensation, where the single-particle spectrum ε(p) becomes flat. Results of the analysis are compared with available experimental data.

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