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VOLUME 86 | ISSUE 5 | PAGE 390
Quadrupole spin-echo envelopes for Bi4Ge3O12 single crystals doped with atoms of transition and rare earth elements
E. A. Kravchenko,V. G. Morgunov, V. G. Orlov*, Yu. F. Kargin+
Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry RAS, 119991 Moscow, Russia
*Russian Scientific Centre «Kurchatov Institute", 123182 Moscow, Russia
+Institute of Physico-Chemical Problems of Ceramic Materials RAS, 119361 Moscow, Russia

PACS: 76.60.Lz
Influence of weak (below 50 Oe) constant magnetic field on quadrupole spin-echo envelope was studied for non-doped single crystal Bi4Ge3O12, in which local magnetic fields of the order of 20-30 G were earlier found, as well as for single crystals Bi4Ge3O12 doped with atoms of transition and rare earth elements. In all the cases, the spin-echo envelopes were strongly influenced. A considerable increase in the nuclear spin-spin relaxation time T2 was observed for the non-doped sample upon switching weak external magnetic fields. For the doped samples, the spin-echo envelope decay became much slower already in zero field. The external magnetic fields exhibited markedly weaker influence on the spin-echo envelope for the doped samples.

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