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VOLUME 44 | ISSUE 10 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Aide D., Binon F., Bricman C., Gouanere M., Donskov S. V., Inyakin A. V., Kakauridze D. B., Kachanov V. A., Kulik A. V., Lagnaux J. P., Lednev A. A., Mikhaiiov Yu. V., Mouthuy Th., Knapp E. A., Peigneux J. P., Prokoshkin Yu. D., Rodnov Yu. V., Sadovskii S. A., Samoilenko V. D., Sin'govskii A. V., Stroot J. P., Sugonyaev V. P., Khaustov G. V., Shagin P. M., Shtannikov A. V., Observation of a narrow meson with a mass of 1750 MeV which decays into two η mesons 567  (441)
     Kosvintsev Yu. Yu., Morozov V. I., Terekhov G. I., Measurement of neutron lifetime through storage of ultracold neutrons 571  (444)
     Grigor'yan V. S., Formation of solitary pulses in an amplifying nonlinear medium with dispersion 575  (447)
     Bagratashvili V. N., Ionov S. I., Letokhov V. S., Lokhman V. N., Makarov G. N., Stuchebryukhov A. A., Uniform spectrum of vibrational transitions and the intramolecular vibrational-relaxation time of a highly excited polyatomic molecule 580  (450)
     Asatryan V. R., Shergin A. P., Auger ionization in a He+-He quasimolecule 584  (454)
     Kolosov V. V., Long-lived Stark states detected at a positive energy 588  (457)
     Trifonov A. S., Ageev A. N., Gridnev V. N., Smolenskii G. A., Permeability of a transparent magnetic insulator at optical frequencies. An experimental study 591  (459)
     Semin G. K., Raevskii A. M., Nuclear quadrupole and hexadecapole interactions in crystals of lutetium compounds 593  (461)
     Solin N. I., Samokhvalov A. A., Shumilov I. Yu., Intensification of magnetostatic and spin waves by the drifting charge carriers in a magnetic semiconductor HgCr2Se4 597  (464)
     Lazuta A. V., Yushankhai V. Yu., Effect of a magnetic field on the longitudinal spin relaxation of μ+ in isotropic ferromagnets in the critical paramagnetic vicinity of Tc 600  (466)
     Volkov A. A., Goncharov Yu. G., Kozlov G. V., Albers J., Petzelt J., Soft modes in betaine calcichloride: a new incommensurate ferroelectric 603  (469)
     Krichevtsov B. B. , Pavlov V. V., Pisarev R. V., Nonreciprocal rotation of the polarization plane of light in the antiferromagnet Cr2O3 which is linear and quadratic in the electric field 607  (471)
     Aleksandrov I. V., Goncharov A. F., Stishov S. M., "Direct" determination of the Gruneisen parameter of the LTO(Γ) mode of diamond at high pressures 611  (474)
     Anisimov S. I., Karyagin V. P., Kudryashov V. A., Osip'yan Yu. A., Ryzhov Yu. A., Svirshchevskii S. B., Strukov A. Z., Terterashvili A. V., Fortov V. E., Khalatnikov I. M., Sheindlin A. E., Detection of dust particles in the coma of Halley's Comet by the Foton detector 615  (477)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.