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VOLUME 44 | ISSUE 7 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Grigor'ev D. Yu. , Deryagin D. V., Rubakov V. A., Formation of a Yang-Mills crystal in the electroweak theory at high fermion densities 385  (301)
     Roizen I.I., Exclusive structure functions of the constituents in hadrons 388  (303)
     Bogdanov V. G., Kocherov N. P., Lepekhin F. G., Plyushchev V. A., Simonov B. B., Solov'eva Z. I., Shigaev O. E., Observation of a decay (fission) of relativistic 24Mg and 28Si nuclei into two fragments of approximately equal charge 391  (306)
     Askar'yan G. A., Lerman A. A., Bright spot behind the shadow of an illuminated object (or an intensity dip) moving along the surface of a nonlinear medium 394  (308)
     Levin B. V., Trubnikov B. A., "Phase transitions" in an array of parametric waves at the surface of an oscillating liquid 399  (311)
     Gavrilenko V. P., Oks E. A., Rantsev-Kartinov V. A., Observation and analysis of oscillating electric fields in the peripheral plasma in a tokamak on the basis of a new spectroscopic effect 404  (315)
     Novopashin S. A., Perepelkin A. L., Yarygin V. N., Detection of quasiparticles in a turbulent mixing layer of a supersonic jet 408  (318)
     Il'gisonis V. I., Pastukhov V. P., MHD stability of nonlocal quasiflute modes in closed magnetic confinement systems 410  (319)
     Bashkin E. P. , Giant opalescence and anomalous magnetokinetic effects in spin-polarized gases 414  (322)
     Bizhigitov T. B., Sirota N. N., Low-temperature modification of high-pressure ice 417  (324)
     Mamin R. F., Teitel'baum G. B., Photoinduced changes in the nature of ferroelectric phase transitions 420  (326)
     Nerkararyan Kh. V., Explosive nature of absorption upon the resonant formation of biexcitions 423  (329)
     Gulyan A. M., Zharkov G. F., Sergoyan G. M., Effect of the order parameter dynamics on the phonon emission in superconductors 426  (331)
     Karpus V., Effect of electron-phonon interaction on the ionization of deep centers by a strong electric field 430  (334)
     Svistunov V. M., Revenko Yu. F., Observation of a fluctuational tunneling conductivity of Cooper pairs in granulated superconductors 434  (336)
     Rebane L. A., Blumberg G. E., Fimberg T. A., Resonant intensification of single-phonon scattering of light; excitation profiles of quasilocal modes in the KBnMnO4- crystal 438  (339)
     Dolgov O. V., Fetisov E. P., Khomskii D. I., Interband pairing and superconductivity of heavy-fermion systems 442  (342)
     Vendler L., Kaganov M. I., Undamped helicon 445  (345)
     Antonov A. V., Zhitnik I. A., Isakov A. I., Mikerov V. I., Mitropol'ski M. M., Saposhnikov N. P., Slemzin V. A., Sukhodrev N. K., Tukarev V. A., Scattering of cold neutrons by a rough boundary between two media 448  (347)
     Zaslavskii G. M., Zakharov M. Yu., Sagdeev R. Z., Usikov D. A., Chernikov A. A., Generation of ordered structures with a symmetry axis from a Hamiltonian dynamics 451  (349)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.