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VOLUME 44 | ISSUE 5 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Arzumanov S. S., Masalovich S. V., Strepetov A. N., Frank A. I., Image detection in a neutron microscope 271  (213)
     Vdovichenko I. A., Markov G. A., Mironov V. A., Sergeev A. M., Ionizational self-ducting of whistlers in a plasma 275  (216)
     Bogdanova Kh. G., Bagautdinov R. A., Golenishchev-Kutuzov V. A., Enikeeva G. R., Medvedev L. I., Nuclear magnetoelastic resonance in iron borate 279  (219)
     Vaisburd D. I., Mesyats G. A., Moskalev V. A., Rudamenko I. P., Shafir M. M., Dramatic intensification of diffusion of interstitial particles in KCI crystals at high densities of electrons and holes 283  (222)
     Ped'ko N. A., Chakal'skii B. K., Scattering of phonons by Abrikosov vortex filaments in vanadium 286  (224)
     Panov V. I., Sobyanin A. A., Temperature dependence of the density of 4He in narrow gaps near the λ -point 290  (227)
     Berkov D. V., Manykin E. A., Sakipov N. Z., Possibility of a correlation-spectroscopy study of small ferromagnetic particles 294  (229)
     Reiffers M., Flachbart K., Janos S., Ballistic temperature point-contact spectroscopy in copper at 0.7 K 298  (232)
     Ganichev S. D., Kotel'nikov I. N., Mordovets N. A., Shul'man A. Ya., Yaroshetskii I. D., Photoresistive effect in n-GaAs/Au tunnel junctions during plasma reflection of laser light 301  (234)
     Granovskii Ya. I., Zhedanov A. S., Integrability of a classical XY chain 304  (237)
     Kamenskii V. G., Helfrich deformation in smectic A liquid crystals 308  (240)
     Gaponov-Grekhov A. V., Lomov A. S., Rabinovich M. I., Localized autostructures in homogeneous two-dimensional media 310  (242)
     Nayanov V. I., Surface acoustic cnoidal waves and solitons in a LiNbO3-(SiO film) structure 314  (245)
     Vainrub A. M., Kheinmaa I. A., Yagubskii E. B., Anisotropic Knight shifts and spin density distribution in β-(BEDT-TTF)2I3 317  (247)
     Kosevich Yu. A., Magnetic resonance and spin waves in thin layers of superfluid 3He-B 321  (250)
     Berkut A. B., Dubrovskii Yu. V., Nunuparov M. S., Reznikov M. I., Tal'yanskii V. I., The flow of current between adjacent inversion layers in a quantizing magnetic field 324  (252)
     Delyukov A. A., Klimusheva G. V., Turchin A. V., Self-suppression of exciton-exciton annihilation in a dense system of molecular excitons 327  (255)
     Blyumina M. G., Denisov A. G., Polyanskaya T. A., Savel'ev I. G., Senichkin A. P., Shmartsev Yu. V., Energy relaxation of 2D electrons at an AIGaAs/GaAs heterojunction 331  (257)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.