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VOLUME 44 | ISSUE 2 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Apollonov V. V., Kalachev Yu. L., Prokhorov A. M., Fedorov M. V., Electron acceleration in stimulated Compton scattering 75  (61)
     Antyukhov V. V., Glova A. F., Kachurin O. R., Lebedev F. V., Likhanskii V. V., Napartovich A. P., Pis'mennyi V. D., Effective phase locking of an array of lasers 78  (63)
     Agap'ev B. D., Matisov B. G., Spatial separation of mixed states of atoms and molecules in the field of a traveling radio wave 81  (66)
     Dmitriev A. P., D'yakonov M. I., Tunneling transitions at cyclotron resonance of a free electron 84  (68)
     Anuchin M. G., Borodin V. G., Gorokhov A. A., D'yakonov G. P., Zapysov A. L., Izrailev I. M., Komarov V. N., Kryuchenkov V. B., Podgornov V. A., Pokrovskii V. G., Charukhchev A. V., Compression of two-layer targets with gaseous DT and neon at the PROGRESS installation 88  (71)
     Kizel' V. A., Panin S. I., Pretransition phenomena in cholesterics with a short helix pitch 93  (74)
     Kerner B. S., Osipov V. V., Romanko M. T., Sinkevich V. F., Stratification of electron-hole plasma and blue electroluminescence near a static domain of GaAs 97  (77)
     Tsidil'kovskii I. M., Arapov Yu. G., Davydov A. B., Zvereva M. L., Magnetic-field-induced metal-insulator transition in 0 2Te 100  (80)
     Brazis R. S., Mironas A. S., Threshold switching and microwave-induced spontaneous emission in p-Ge in a static magnetic field 104  (82)
     Dan'shin N. K., Kramarchuk G. G., Sdvizhkov M. A., Observation of a soft mode and energy gaps during spontaneous spin reversal in YbFeO3 107  (85)
     Badalyan A. G., Baranov P. G., Vikhnin V. S., Khramtsov V. A., Local configurational instability of the lattice near an impurity in a cubic crystal 110  (87)
     Lebed' A. G., Reversible nature of the orbital mechanism for the suppression of superconductivity 114  (89)
     Grishchuk I. A. , Marchenko V. I., Magnon correction to the resonance frequency in antiferromagnets 117  (92)
     Shklovskii B. I., Model for surface recombination 121  (95)
     Govorkov S. V., Zadkov V. N., Koroteev N. I., Shumai I. L., Transformation of the optical phonon spectrum of silicon during bombardment by intense picosecond laser pulses 125  (98)
     Andreev A. V. , Baublis V. V., Damaskinskii E. A., Krivshick A. G., Kudin L. G., Marchenkov V. V., Morozov V. F., Nelyubin V. V., Orishchin E. M., Petrov G. E., Ryabov G. A., Samsonov V. M., Samsonov L. E., Spiridenkov E. M., Sulimov V. A., Sumbaev O. I., Shchegel'skir V. A., Satisfaction of the reversibility principle for the "volume" capture of particles into channeling in a curved crystal 129  (101)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.