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VOLUME 44 | ISSUE 1 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Elizarov A. Yu., Cherepkov N. A., Experimental determination of the total angular momenta of autoionization states in multistep photoionization of atoms 1  (3)
     Bakarev A. E., Chapovski P. L., Anomalously large isotopic effect observed in the conversion of different nuclear-spin modifications of CH3F molecules 4  (5)
     Darbinyan S. M., Ispiryan K. A., Saakyan D. B., The spectrum and polarization of γ-ray beams produced as a result of collision of relativistic ions with laser photons 6  (7)
     Vainberg V. M., Mur V. D., Popov V. S., Sergeev A. V., Strong-field Stark effect 9  (9)
     Zharova N. A., Litvak A. G., Petrova T. A., Sergeev A. M.,Yunakovskii A. D., Multiple fractionation of wave structures in a nonlinear medium 13  (12)
     Vorob'ev N. S., Grudinin A. B., Dianov E. M., Prokhorov A. M., Khaidarov D. V., Khrushchev I. Yu., Shchelev M. Ya., Light amplification due to nonlinear interaction of counterpropagating waves in a single-mode optical fiber 17  (15)
     Beskin V. S., Gurevich A. V., Istomin Ya. N., Mechanism for the radio emission of pulsars 20  (18)
     Zelenskii A. N., Kokhanovskii S. A., Polushkin V. G., Vishnevskii K. N., Anomalous effects in the charge exchange of a proton beam in a dense sodium target in resonant 3S-3P laser light 24  (21)
     Alikaev V. V., Borshchegovskii A. A., Vasin N. L., Volkov V. V., Gorelov Yu. A., Datlov J., Ivanov D. P., Ivanov N. V., Il'in V. I., Kakurin A. M., Kislov A. Ya., Kovrov P. E., Kopecky V., Kochin V. A., Krishka L., Likin K. I., Khvostenko P. P., Chistyakov V. V., Shigaev A. F., Temperature dependence of the efficiency of current drive by lower hybrid waves in the T-7 tokamak 28  (24)
     Zakharov L. E., Riedel K., Semenov S. B., Quasilinear stabilization of ballooning modes in toroidal plasma systems 30  (26)
     Kizel' V. A., Skylaruk V. A., Toptygin D. D., Khan-Mogometova Sh. D., Kinetics of the rotational depolarization of impurity-molecule luminescence in a liquid-crystal matrix 34  (28)
     Rozhkov S. S., Hidden supersymmetry of He3-A 38  (32)
     Orlov A. O., Savchenko A. K., Oscillations of nonlinear characteristics of samples with small dimensions 41  (34)
     Buzdin A. I., Intermediate state in magnetic superconductors 45  (37)
     Beinikhes I. L., Kogan Sh. M., Spectra of shallow donors in multivalley semiconductors 48  (39)
     Bychenkov V. Yu., Silin V. P., Heat-transfer limitation as a cause of turbulence in plasma flows 52  (42)
     Murzin S. S., Metal-Hall insulator transition 56  (45)
     Tkachuk M. N., Zakharchenya B. P., Fleisher V. G., Resonant photovoltaic effect in the NMR of nuclei in a semiconductor lattice 59  (47)
     Mukhanov V. F., Are black holes quantized? 63  (50)
     Sokolov I. M., Spatial and temporal asymptotic behavior of annihilation reactions 67  (53)
     Volkov D. V., Pashnev A. I., Soroka V. A., Tkach V. I., Hamiltonian systems with even and odd Poisson brackets; duality of their conservation laws 70  (55)
     Andrianov V. A., Novozhilov V. Yu., Erratum: Effective chiral Lagrangians in QCD and the skyrmion [JETP Lett. 42, No. 11, 469-471 (10 December 1985)] 73  (59)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.