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VOLUME 60 | ISSUE 10 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Silagadze Z. K., Pionium in decays of elementary particles 689  (673)
     Nikolaev N. N., Zakharov B. G., Zoller V. R., Direct calculation of the slope of the QCD pomeron trajectory 694  (678)
     Zaretskii D. F., Sazonov S. B., Resonant excitation of hyperfine levels in a bichromatic laser wave in connection with nuclear decay 699  (682)
     Mazets I. E., Matisov B. G., Dynamics of laser cooling of atoms below the recoil temperature 703  (686)
     Konopskii V. N., Sekatskii S. K., Letokhov V. S., Study of the surface of a LiF:F-2 crystal at a subwave spatial resolution 709  (691)
     Andreev N. E., Kirsanov V. I., Pogosova A. A., Gorbunov L. M., Laser wakefield accelerator in a plasma pipe with self-modulation of the laser pulse 713  (694)
     Borman V. D., Tapinskaya O. V., Tronin V. N., Troyan V. I., Dynamics of an adsorption-induced roughening transition as a phase transition in a vacancy subsystem 718  (699)
     Olenev D. V., Vekilov Yu. Kh., Electrostatic energy of a multicomponent icosahedral quasicrystal with a basis in the case of a substitutional disorder 726  (706)
     Kvardakov V. V., Somenkov V. A., Paulus W., Heger G., Pinol S., Observation of an anomalous transmission in x-ray scattering by a superconducting Nd1.85Ce0.15CuO4-δ crystal 731  (711)
     Aliev F. G., Vieira S., Villar R., Kasaya M., Suzuki H., Bonville P., Anomalously heavy fermions in YbPdSb 734  (714)
     Odintsov A. A., Coherent transport of single cooper pairs in Josephson arrays 738  (718)
     Golovin Yu. I., Tyurin A. I., Interstitial mechanisms for plastic low in the initial stage of loading during microindentations 742  (722)
     Gubkin M. K., Perekalina T. M., Nature of the giant magnetoresistance in ferromagnetic lanthanum manganites 747  (727)
     Szmulowicz F. , General expression for optical transition probabilities in the envelope-function approximation 751  (731)
     Kuznetsov E. A., Mikhailov A. V., Erratum: Relaxation oscillations of solitons [JETP Lett. 60, No. 6, 486 (25 September 1994)] 757  (736)
     Oleinikov P. A., Platonenko V. T., Ferrante G., Erratum: Resonant generation of high harmonics [JETP Lett. 60, No. 4, 246-250 (1994)] 758  (736)
     Antipov O. L. , Belyaev S. I., Kuzhelev A. S., Erratum: laser crystal with nonreciprocal feedback as a parametric mirror which performs passive optical phase conjugation [JETP Lett. 60, No. 3,165-170 (10 August 1994)] 758  (736)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.