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VOLUME 60 | ISSUE 9 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Ryazhskaya O.G. , Is there an excees of electron neutrinos in the flux in the atmosphere? 617  (609)
     Bandos I. A., Nurmagambetov A. Yu., Sorokin D. P., Volkov D. V., Another version of the twistor-like approach to superparticles 621  (613)
     Tkalya E. V., Accelerated decay of nuclear isomers during atomic-shell ionization 627  (619)
     Abutalybov G. I., Exciton-exciton interaction in electroluminescence spectra of a GaSe crystal 631  (622)
     Lazarev Yu. N., Petrov P. V. , Generation of an intense, directed, ultrashort electromagnetic pulse 634  (625)
     Vlasov S. N., Talanov V. I., Modulational instability at sum and difference frequencies in media with a high-order nonlinearity 639  (629)
     Govorov A. O., Chaplik A. V., Wendler L., Fomin V. M., Does the persistent current in a quantum loop depend on an electron-electron interaction? 643  (633)
     Andreev V. N., Chudnovskii F. A., Klimov V. A., Resistivity of the metallic phase of epitaxial VO2 films 647  (637)
     Kusmartsev F. V., Aharonov-Bohm effect in the Luttinger liquid 649  (639)
     Kravtsov V. E., Mirlin A. D., Level statistics in a metallic sample: corrections to the Wigner-Dyson distribution 656  (645)
     Dzhioev R. I., Zakharchenya B. P., Ivanov P. A., Korenev V. L., Detection of the magnetization of a ferromagnetic film in a Ni/GaAs structure from the polarization of electrons of the semiconductor 661  (650)
     Bandos I. A., Slyusarenko Yu. V., Sobolev A. Yu., Kova A. G., Formation of the final charge state of particles sputtered by an ion beam from a solid surface in the case of resonant transitions 666  (655)
     Ruutu V. M. H., Parts U., Koivuniemi J. H., Krusius M., Thuneberg E. V., Volovik G. E., Intersection of a vortex line with transverse soliton plane in rotating 3He-A: π3 topology 671  (659)
     Golo V. L., Kats E. I., Superhelices in steady-state configurations of molecules of the DNA type 679  (666)
     Kuznetsov E. A., Mikhailov A. V., Erratum: Relaxation oscillations of solitons [JETP Lett. 60, No. 6, 486 (1994)] 686  (672)
     Oleinikov P. A., Platonenko V. T., Ferrante G., Erratum: Resonant generation of high harmonics [JETP Lett. 60, No. 4, 246 (1994)] 687  (672)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.