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VOLUME 60 | ISSUE 7 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Ivlev A. V., Fortov V. E., Klumov B. A., Collision of the comet with Jupiter: explosion in an inhomogeneous atmosphere 491  (481)
     Anselm A., Ryskin M. G., Anselmino M., Murgia F., Parton interpretation of quark fragmentation into hadrons with different spins 496  (486)
     Nurmagambetov A., Tkach V. , D=3 Chern-Simons-Higgs SUSY system with an anomalous magnetic momentum 505  (494)
     Kiselev V. V. , \bar\lambda from QCD sum rules for heavy quarkonium 509  (498)
     Ginzburg N. S., Zotova I. V., Sergeev A. S., Cyclotron superradiance of a moving electron swarm under group synchronization conditions 513  (501)
     Amosov K. Yu., Andreyashkin M. Yu., Verzilov V. A., Vnukov I. E., Zabaev V. N., Kalinin B. N., Kaplin V. V., Kustov D. V., Naumenko G. A., Pivovarov Yu. L., Potylitsyn A. P., Rozum E. I., Uglov S. R., Moran M., Parametic x-radiation in a mosaic crystal of pyrolytic 518  (506)
     Miklyaev Yu. V., Writing a photorefractive hologram with an external field parallel to the interference fringes 524  (511)
     Mesyats G. A., Ectons in a vacuum arc 527  (514)
     Snarskii A. A., Exact values of the conductivity exponents in the 2D case 531  (518)
     Anisimov M. A., Gorodetskii E. E., Kulikov V. D., Sengers J. V., Joint description of the vapor-liquid and consolute critical phenomena 535  (522)
     Zverev M. V., Khodel' V. A., Shaginyan V. R., Low-temperature kinetics of normal systems with a fermion condensate: use in describing the normal phase of high-Tc superconductors 541  (527)
     Buchel'nikov V. D., Shavrov V. G., Precessional, relaxation, and elastic oscillations in a ferromagnet in the region of orientational phase transitions 548  (534)
     Zuev L. B., Danilov V. I., Kartashova N. V., Space-time self-organization of plastic deformation of fcc single crystals 553  (538)
     Kukushkin I. V., Shepel B. N., Volkov O. V., von Klitzing K., Strong reduction of the Fermi energy of two-dimensional electrons in a parallel magnetic field 556  (541)
     Vashkovskii A. V., Lokk E. G., Observation of a parametric instability of a surface magnetostatic wave 561  (545)
     Skorodumova N. V., Simak S. I., Blanter Ya. M., Vekilov Yu. Kh., Electron topological transitions in the Mo-Re system 565  (549)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.