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VOLUME 60 | ISSUE 2 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Kolosnitsyn N. I., Electromagnetic radiation induced by a gravitational wave in a laser beam 73  (69)
     Volkova L V., Dokuchaev V. I., Neutrino limitation on primordial black holes inside the earth 76  (72)
     Arbuzov B. A., Shichanin S. A., Consequences of the symmetry breaking in the f-quark electromagnetic vertex for f-quark production in \bar{p}p collisions 79  (75)
     Dorokhov A. E., Deficiency of the Gross-Llewellyn Smith sum rule and QCD vacuum polarization effect 84  (80)
     Khadzhi P. I., Description of optical echo without the given-field approximation 89  (85)
     Itskevich I. E., Andersson T. G., Wang S. M., Lomsadze A. V., Fine structure in the photoluminescence line of a quasi-2D electron Landau level: Initial or final state origin? 94  (89)
     Lyakhov G. A., Lower critical point for the stratification of a liquid solution: dependence on the energy and lifetime of intermolecular bonds 99  (93)
     Myasnikov A. M., Obodnikov V. I., Seryapin V. G., Tishkovskii E. G., Fomin B. I., Cherepov E. I., Formation of a layered structure in the distribution of boron atoms initiated in silicon by ion implantation 102  (96)
     Beklemishev S. A., Klochikhin V. L., Solitons in an anharmonic chain of the Frenkel'-Kontorova model 106  (99)
     Troyanovskii A. M., Edel'man V. S., Formation of atomically smooth terraces during cleavage of bismuth crystals; dynamics of the terrace boundaries 111  (104)
     Gladkii V. V., Kirikov V. A., Ivanova E. S., Fast stage of the evolution of the nonequilibrium soliton structure of a dielectric 116  (109)
     Shik A. , Edge state acoustoconductivity and photoconductivity 121  (114)
     Eremin M. V., Solov'yanov S. G., Varlamov S. V., Brinkman D., Mali M., Markendorf R., Roos J., Spectrum of elementary excitations and interplanar tunneling in layered cuprates 125  (118)
     Kopnin N. B., The sign of the intrinsic Hall effect in clean superconductors 130  (123)
     Lisovskii F. V., Mansvetova E. G., Pak Ch. M., New spontaneous order-disorder phase transition in magnetic films with a periodic deformation of the domain-wall profile 136  (128)
     Filippov A. E., Mimicry of phase transitions and the large-river effect 141  (133)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.