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VOLUME 60 | ISSUE 1 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Grabovskii E. V., Vorob'ev O. Yu., Dyabilin K. S., Lebedev M. E., Ostrik A. V., Smirnov V. P., Fortov V. E., Excitation of intense shock waves by soft x radiation from a Z-pinch plasma 1  (3)
     Alekseev V. A., Krylova D. D., Effect of micromotion on the distribution function of ions cooled by laser light in a radiofrequency trap 5  (7)
     Askar'yan G. A., Korolev M. G., Korchagina E. G., Yakushkin K. L., Effect of intense UV flashes from laser discharges in gases: observation of a fast-rising photodissociation halo leading a shock wave 9  (11)
     Baskin E. M., Morozovskii A. E., Snarskii A. A., Anomalously high 1/f noise in a nonuniform semiconductor 15  (16)
     Troyanchuk I. O., Akimov A. I., Kasper N. V., Dilatometric study of phase transitions in ferroelastic materials of the La2CuO4 type 19  (20)
     Markov O. N., Prudnikov V. V., Numerical simulation of the critical dynamics of disordered 2D Ising systems 23  (24)
     Kryukov E. V., Marvin O. B., Semenova E. A., Teplov M. A., Enikeev K. M., Klochkov A. V., Oxygen diffusion in TmBa2Cu3O6+x at room temperature 30  (30)
     Pashitski E. A., Pashitskii A. E., Structure of electron waves at the (111) surface of a noble metal as a consequence of the topology of the Fermi surface: "quantum order" instead of "quantum chaos" 35  (35)
     Balkarey Yu. I., Cohen A. S., Posvyanskii V. S., Nonlinear structures and their collective excitations in a coherent state of excitons during resonant pumping 42  (42)
     Vasil'ev B. V. , Thermogyromagnetic effect 47  (47)
     Mamin R. F., Domain structure of a new type near a photostimulated phase transition; autosolitons 52  (51)
     Gubkin M. K., Zalesskii A. V., Krivenko V. G., Perekalina T. M., Khimich T. A., Chubarenko V. A., NMR in local fields at 139La nuclei in ferromagnetic manganites with a metal-semiconductor transition 57  (56)
     Baginskii K. V., Berezin V. A., Govorkov S. A., Tulin V. A., Evidence for a multilayer superconductivity of BiSrCaCuO (2212) in rf absorption 61  (60)
     Popov V. S., Mur V. D., Perturbation theory for quasistationary levels 66  (64)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.