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VOLUME 56 | ISSUE 9 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Ryazhskaya O. G., Ryasnyi V. G., Detection of muon and tau neutrinos from the gravitational collapse of stars with the help of low-background scintillation detectors 417  (433)
     Belinskii V. A. , Turbulence of a gravitational field near a cosmological singularity 421  (437)
     Dadykin V. L., Zatsepin G. T., Korol'kova E. V., Korchagin P. V., Kudryavtsev V. A., Mal'gin A. S., Ryazhskaya O. G., Ryasnyi V. G., Khal'chukov F. F., Yakushev V. F., Aglietta M., Badino G., Bologna G., Vernetto S., Galeotti P., Castagnoli C., Castellina A., Saavedra O., Trinchero G. C., Fulgione W., Correlations between low- and high-energy pulses detected by the LSD installation under Mt. Blanc from 10 February 1987 to 1 July 1987 426  (441)
     Berezhiani Z. G., Rattazzi R., Inverted radiative hierarchy of quark masses 429  (445)
     Alt E. O., Mukhamedzhanov A. M., Asymptotic solution of the Schrodinger equation for three charged particles 435  (450)
     Fedorov M. A., Self-focusing and defocusing of electromagnetic-wave beams in the case of a thermal nonlinearity 439  (455)
     Abramov V. A., Lisitsa V. S., Morozov D. Kh., Effect of charge exchange on the marfe effect in a tokamak plasma 445  (461)
     Podivilov E. V. , Shapiro D. A., Dicke narrowing in a plasma 449  (465)
     Barabanov A. F., Mikheyenkov A. V., The spin-wave spectrum of s=1/2 triangular lattice Heisenberg antiferromagnet 454  (470)
     Kharadze G., Vachnadze G., Possibility of new coherently precessing spin states in superfluid 3He-S 458  (474)
     Molotkov S. N. , Noise spectroscopy of surface excitations by scanning tunneling microscopy 464  (480)
     Varyukhin S. V. , Zakharov A. A., Svishchev A. V., Structural features in the ac conductivity and the static dielectric constant of La2CuO4+δ at the metamagnetic transition 469  (485)
     Idlis B. G. , Frolov V. D., Quadratic field effect in quantum-well films 473  (489)
     Kavalov Al. R. , Extrinsic geometry sensitive bosonic string theory 477  (493)
     Saakyan D. B. , Pattern recognition through a Derrida model with rare bonds 481  (497)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.