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VOLUME 56 | ISSUE 1 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Gavrilenko V. P., Kupriyanova E. B., Okolokulak D. P., Ochkin V. N., Savinov S. Yu., Tskhai S. N., Yarashev A. N., Generation of coherent IR light on a dipole-forbidden molecular transition with biharmonic pumping in a static electric field 1  (3)
     Vas'ko F. T., Magnetoresistance and Hall effect in tunneling-coupled quantum wells with asymmetric scattering 4  (7)
     Averkiev N. S., Vikhnin V. S., Sokolov N. S., Yakovlev N. L., New shape of inhomogeneously broadened resonance lines in semi-infinite media: Sm2+ luminescence in CaF2/Si(111) thin films 9  (11)
     Mavlonazarov I., Mikushev I. M., Charnaya E. V., Direct measurement of the lattice and impurity components of nuclear spin-lattice relaxation under magnetic-saturation conditions 13  (15)
     Dyadyusha A. G., Marusii T. Ya., Reznikov Yu. A., Khizhnyak A. I., Reshetnyak V. Yu., Orientational effect due to a change in the anisotropy of the interaction between a liquid crystal and a bounding surface 17  (18)
     Govorkov S. A., Il'ichev E. V., Tulin V. A., Impedance of a type-II superconductor with a surface superconductivity 21  (22)
     Kosakovskaya Z. Ya., Chernozatonskii L. A., Fedorov E. A., Nanofilament carbon structure 26  (26)
     Skaldin O. A., Selezneva O. A., Current noise in thin polymer films near an insulator-metal transition 30  (31)
     Bagraev N. T., Polovtsev I. S., Anisotropic Stark effect at a deep center in silicon 35  (35)
     Misirpashaev T. Sh., Volovik G. E., Macroscopic Josephson effect in superfluid 3He-B 41  (40)
     Demishev S. V., Kosichkin Yu. V., Lunts D. G., Sluchanko N. E., Lyapin A. G., Critical behavior of the conductivity of a medium with superconducting inclusions 45  (44)
     Basun S. A., Kaplyanskii A. A., Feofilov S. P., Pseudo-Stark splitting induced by a phase transition in the optical spectra of ferroelectrics with dipole impurity centers 50  (49)
     Kunze C., Levinson Y. B., Lubin M. I., Sukhorukov E. V., Bound states near a short-range impurity in crossed magnetic and electric fields 56  (55)
     Panyukov S. V. , Localization of polymer chains in random media 61  (60)
     Vitkalov S. A., Suslov I. M., Possible physical realization of a self-teaching neuron network 64  (63)
     Al'perovich V. L. , Paulish A. G., Terekhov A. S., Yaroshevich A. S., Erratum: The Fermi level is not pinned at the p-GaAs(100) surface during adsorption of cesium and oxygen [JETP Lett. 55,288-292 (10 March 1992)] 68  (70)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.