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VOLUME 61 | ISSUE 11 | PAGE 958
Orbital angular momentum of vortices and textures due to spectral flow through the gap nodes: example of the 3He-A continuous vortex
The orbital angular momentum of the axisymmetric textures and vortices in Fermi superfluids and superconductors is discussed using the example of 3He-A. If there are no zeros in the quasiparticle spectrum, the orbital momentum of the texture is robust, i.e, it is not sensitive to the change of the texture provided that the axial symmetry is not violated. If zeros exist or there is an anomalous branch of the low-energy fermions in the vortex core, the orbital angular momentum will depend on the texture. This dependence comes from the accumulation of the fermionic topological charge induced by the texture. The change of the orbital angular momentum in the texture occurs as a result of spectral flow through the nodes or along the anomalous branch. © 7995 American Institute of Physics.

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.