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VOLUME 61 | ISSUE 3 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Vyrodov V. N. , Declais Y., de Kerret H. , Kozlov Yu. V. , Lefievre B., Martem'yanov V. P. , Machulin I. N., Mikaelyan L. A. , Obolensky M. S. , Skorokhvatov M. D. , Sukhotin S. V. , Etenko A. V., Precise measurement of the cross section for the reaction \vec \nu_e+p\to e^++n at the Bourges reactor 163  (161)
     Arnold R., Augier C. , Barabash A. S. , Blum D. , Brudanin V. , Campagne J. E. , Caurier E. , Dassie D. , Egorov V., Eschbach R. , Guyonnet J. L , Hubert F., Hubert Ph., Jullian S. , Kochetov O., Kornoukhov V. N., Kovalenko V., Lalanne D. , Laplanche F. , Leccia F. , Lepikhin Yu. B. , Linck I., Longuemare C., Mauger F., Mennrath P. , Nicholson H. W., Nozdrin A. , Piquemal F., Scheibling F. , Button C. S. , Szklarz G. , Tretyak V. I. , Umatov V. I., Vanushin I. A., Vareille A. , Vassilyev Yu. , Vylov Ts. , Zerkin V., Observation of two neutrino double beta decay of 116Cd with the tracking detector NEMO-2 170  (168)
     Lokhman V. N. , Makarov G. N. , Acceleration of neutral molecular beams by an IR laser 175  (172)
     Tikhomirov V. V. , Radical change in spin precession frequency of ultrarelativistic electrons in a circularly polarized wave due to interaction with the radiation field 180  (177)
     Murav'ev A. V. , Pavlov S. G., Orlova E. E. , Shastin V. N. , Andreev B. A. , Spectral condensation near an impurity absorption line in a germanium-hot-hole laser 185  (182)
     Ilgisonis V. I. , Pastukhov V. P. , On nonlinear MHD-stability of toroidal magnetized plasmas 189  (186)
     Gordeev A. V. , Grechikha A. V. , New model for electron screening in an ion diode in an external magnetic field 196  (193)
     Aliev F. G., Vieira S., Villar R. , Martinez J. L. , Anisotropy of the magnetic properties of a URu2Si2 single crystal in weak magnetic fields 204  (201)
     Maksimov I. L. , Elistratov A. A. , Edge barrier and structure of the critical state in superconducting thin films 208  (204)
     Belov K. P. , Koroleva L. I. , Virovets T. V. , Lukina L.N., Odintsov A. G. , Saifullaeva D. A. , Kesler Ya. A., Filimonov D. S., New semiconducting spin glass Fe0.67Cn1.33Sn0.67S4 magnetically active ions in both the A and B sublattices 214  (209)
     Korzhenevskii A. L. , Kamzina L. S. , Korshunov O. Yu. , Fractal nature of large-scale nonuniform states in ferroelectrics with a diffuse phase transition 219  (214)
     Ponyatovskii E. G. , Sinitsyn V. V. , Dilanyan R. A., Red'kin B. S., Amorphization of rare-earth molybdates under high pressure 222  (217)
     Shikin V. B. , Current-voltage characteristic of a magnetized 2D electron channel with an approximately integer filling factor 227  (222)
     Romanov V. S. , Solovarov N. K. , Anomalous generation and conversion of acoustic modes near phase transitions in ferroelectric single crystals 231  (225)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.