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VOLUME 50 | ISSUE 11 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Semikhatov A. M. , Supersymmetric coset models in terms of free superfields 473  (441)
     Askar'yan G. A. , Giant radio detectors of high-energy penetrating particles: thick ice with radio modules; movement of modules through ice by intense microwave beams 478  (446)
     Vasnetsov M. V. , Natural oscillations of thermal lens in thermochromic liquid 480  (448)
     Beskin V. S., Gurevich A. V., Istomin Ya. N., Maser generation of curvature radiation 482  (450)
     Afanas'ev V. I. , Kislyakov A. I. , Lebedev S. V. , Petrov S. Ya. , Chernyshev F. V., Shakhovets K. G. , Local measurements of poloidal magnetic field and safety factor q near discharge axis by active particle diagnostic method in the Tuman-3 tokamak 485  (453)
     Al'tfeder I. B. , Volodin A.P. , Makarenko I.N. , Stishov S. M., Shubnikov A. V., Energy gap in YBa2Cu3Ox determined from the data on tunnel experiments with single crystals 490  (458)
     Kalafati Yu. D. , Kokin V. A., Picosecond superradiance in GaAs during interband absorption of intense short light pulses 495  (462)
     Lopatin V. V. , Ivanov Yu. F. , Forbidden fivefold symmetry in boron nitride 499  (466)
     Gogolin A. O. , Ioselevich A. S. , Structure of neutral acceptors in insulating La2CuO4 502  (468)
     Kosevich Yu. A. , Anomalous damping of low-frequency edge magnetoplasma oscillations in case of quantum Hall effect 506  (471)
     Al'perovich V. L. , Zhuravlev K. S. , Lubyshev D. I. , Migal' V. P., Semyagin B. R., Radiative recombination of photoholes localized in potential of δ-doped mini superlattices 510  (476)
     Gornakov V. S. , Nikitenko V. I. , Prudnikov I. A., Mobility of the Bloch point along the Bloch line 513  (479)
     Kagan M. Yu. , Chubukov A. V., Increase in superfluid transition temperature in polarized Fermi gas with repulsion 517  (483)
     Dzyaloshinskii I. E., Effect of third dimension on the properties of phases with gauge flux (anyons) 520  (486)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.