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JETP Letters

JETP Letters is an international journal that is published in Russia and presents urgent brief papers describing the basic theoretical and experimental research in all fields of physics from solid state to elementary particles. Published since 1965 in Russian (monthly, two issues under one cover and twice a month on-line) and translated to English titled JETP Letters (twice a month). The translated version of journal, prepared by IAPC "Nauka/Interperiodica" and distributed by Springer, appears two months after the original Russian language edition in print and on-line.

ISSN: 0370-274X



Editor in Chief
Dolgopolov V. T.

Editorial Board
  • Al'shits V. I.,
  • Chukbar K. V. - deputy editor
  • Dolganov P. V.
  • Dolgopolov V. T. - editor-in-chief
  • Kulik S. P.
  • Makhlin Yu. G.
  • Nagaev K. E.
  • Nefed'ev A. V.
  • Polyubin I. V.
  • Rakhmanov A. L.
  • Starobinskii A. A.
  • Volovik G. E. - deputy editor

Advisory Editors
  • Ioselevich A. S.
  • Pastukhov V. P.
  • Pudalov V. M.

Managing Editor
  • Podyniglazova I.


http://www.jetpletters.ac.ru - the main site, contains general information about the journal and the papers in press, interactive system for contacts with authors, full archive of the Russian version of the journal including the last issues, and archive of the English version up to 1995 (vols. 1-62);

http://www.springerlink.com/content/1090-6487 - contains archive of the English version, starting with vol. 63 up to the last issue (paid service);

http://www.mathnet.ru/php/journal.phtml?jrnid=jetpl - contains full texts of papers from last years issues of Russian version, comprehensive bibliographic information, and lists of articles where the journal publications are cited.

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papers from Russian version Pis'ma v ZhETF
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