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The journal Pis'ma v Zh. Eksp. Teor. Fiz. (and its English edition JETP Letters) publishes short papers that are in need of urgent publishing and that are of broad physical interest. These papers should report first observations of new physical phenomena or new fundamental theoretical results.

The journal publishes also brief comments on an article that appeared earlier in our journal . ( The rules for writing comments see below. )

This journal accepts and published manuscripts submitted in Russian or English *. All manuscripts submitted in English are put to a linguistic test. If the English text appears unreadable, the Editorial Board may request that the authors submit the Russian variant of the manuscript for publication.

All papers in JETP Letters are published in English. The translation of manuscripts submitted in Russian, as well as the editing of manuscripts submitted in English, is performed by the International Academic Publishing Company (IAPC) "Nauka/Interperiodica". Russian and English versions should be identical, as the paper published in both are assumed to be a single publication. Though the final proof of the English version appears a month later then that of the Russian version, the English version cannot contain additional references, figures, formulas etc.

The total length of any paper, as a rule, should not exceed five journal pages in the Russian edition. This length approximately corresponds to 25 KB in LaTeX format, including 1 KB for each figure. One can estimate the manuscript length more accurately by preparing it according to the example available on the Web server for the journal (example.tex) by using the style file (jetpl.cls - UTF-8 encoding, KOI8-R encoding) available on the same server.

Manuscript may be submitted to the Editorial Board in the following ways:

  • Electronic mail to the e-mail address letters@kapitza.ras.ru. In this case, each figure should be submitted in the form of an individual file in PostScript (*.ps), EncapsulatedPostScript (*.eps), or PaintBrush (*.pcx) formats. It is necessary also attach a pdf file with embedded figures.
  • Conventional mail to the following address: Pis'ma Zh. Eksp. Teor. Fiz., ul. Kosygina 2, Moscow, 117334 Russia.

A manuscript should be submitted in duplicate with figures on separate sheets (for half-tone figures, one additional copy should be submitted). Please, append the e-mail and postal addresses (including the postal code), the office and home phone numbers, and the complete name of the author to whom correspondence should be addressed. The authors of English manuscript should also submit a CD containing the text in LaTeX format.

Acceptance or rejection of a paper for publication is decided by the Editorial Board with a proposal from the Editorial Board member specialized in the appropriate section. A manuscript can be rejected if it is not topical enough, does not provide significant development compared to other publications in this field, considers too specific a subject, etc. As a rule, the referee reports on rejected papers are not sent. The authors may resubmit a rejected manuscript, appending with it an explanatory letter. In this case, the manuscript will be put under additional review.

* In connection with the requirements of the journal publisher and distributor of "JETP Letters", our Russian version journal "Pis'ma ZhETF" after July 2016 is deprived of the opportunity to publish the full text of articles originally written in English. To meet this requirement, but not to deny Russian readers of the information, the Editorial Board of the journal adopted the following decision for articles submitted in English, which meet all the requirements of the Journal. The full text of the paper will be published in the "JETP Letters" journal. In the "Pis'ma ZhETF" journal the extended abstracts in English will be published. The extended abstract is limited by 2 pages of the journal style, or 5600-11200 characters of text, including one figure and the list of references. At the end of the extended abstract it will be indicated that the full text of the article will be published in the ?JETP Letters? journal. The editors and Editorial Board are aware that the proposed solution will lead to the destruction of identity of "JETP Letters" and "Pis'ma ZhETF" journals. So that the publications of the papers in English in these journals will be two different publications.


The first page of a manuscript should have the following form:

Initials and Surnames of the Authors.
Necessarily requires - Institutions where the authors work,
including city and postal code, the e-mail address of one of the authors
Text of the Abstract 

Then, after one empty line, the main text follows.

Surnames of the foreign Authors should be given in Russian transcription ( with indication of original transcriptions in a footnote). Affiliations of Authors working abroad have to be written in English.

We ask Authors of the papers written in Russian to pay attention to the names translation. It will be done by using of strict rules specified in Pis'ma v Zh. Eksp. Teor. Fiz. v.58, n.8, p. 699. If for any reason the Authors prefer the other transcription of the name , they have to inform Editors about this on a separate sheet.

Because abstracts may now be distributed separately from the papers (data bases, online systems, etc.), the abstract text should be self-contained with no references or abbreviations but with understandable notation.

Abbreviations must be given in capital letters with no points and should be explained as they are first introduced. Footnotes in the main text must be numbered consecutively in the order of their appearance.

Cited references must be given in a general list at the end of a manuscript and should be numbered with an ordinal number (e.g., [1]) consecutively as they are mentioned in the main text. The reference to a journal article should cite the following: the initials and surnames of all authors, journal name, volume number (in boldface type), the first page of the paper, and year enclosed in parentheses.

References to books must cite the following: the initials and surnames of all author, the complete book title, publisher, year and place of publication, chapter and page (in the case of translated books, give the information for the original in parentheses).

Reference to two papers with the same number as well as two references with different numbers on the same paper are not allowed

Use decimal points instead of commas. Vectors should be typed in bold. Do not use Cyrillic letters in superscripts and subscripts.

The figures are transfered from "Pis'ma v ZhETF" to "JETP Letters" without any changes. Hence, all the letters, axis titles, comments and etc. on the figures should be only in English. We recommend that the authors preparing figures electronically adhere to the following rules: prepare figures in the frame; direct dashes on the axes inside the figure; when possible, use Times font; use numerals (including those on the axes in an insert) and lower case letters with a height of 3-4% of the maximum figure size (height or width) of the figures; put measurement units on the axes in parentheses. When preparing the figures, please, keep in mind that in printed version their width usually does not exceed 82 mm. In exceptive cases a figure may match two columns, up to 160 mm.

Figures will be published color online. Authors must make sure that they are readable in black and white. Examples of the preparation of manuscript and figures, as well as style file, are available on our Web server (Only in Russian for now here).

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