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About the papers "Possible Universal Neutrino Interaction" ( VOLKOV D.V., AKULOV V.P. (1872)) and "Higgs effect for Goldstone particles with spin 1/2" ( VOLKOV D.V., SOROKA V.A. (1973))
2015-07-08 16:11:02

M.I. Vysotskii

Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics


      The pioneering paper by Dmitry  Volkov et al. examined the symmetry transformation with fermion as a parameter of  the  transformation. Nowadays, such symmetry is called “supersymmetry”.  Fermionic massless particle with spin 1/2 - goldstino – appears after spontaneous breaking of the symmetry   In the paper [1 ] authors proposed  a nonlinear Lagrangian for goldstino.

             Authors considered neutrino (see, e.g. the title of the paper [1]) as a candidate for the role of  goldstino, because  at the time of publication neutrino was believed to be  massless.  Although now we are confident that the neutrino is not goldstino , this does not diminish the value of paper [1]. In this paper nonlinear  supersymmetric theory was developed in  the four-dimensional space – time. It was done for the second time in the world literature  ( after the article by Gol'fand and Likhtman published in JETP Letters in the year 1971 ).

            It is shown in the paper  [2] that  the massless particle with spin 3/2 ( gravitino - spinor partner of the graviton), arising due to the localization of fermionic transformation , absorbs goldstino and obtains the mass. This is what is now called superhiggs effect . This paper is the first publication  about supergravity in the world literature

[1] VOLKOV D.V.,  AKULOV  V.P., JETP LETTERS 16, 438 (1972) 

[2]  VOLKOV D.V.,  SOROKA V.A., JETP LETTERS  18, 529 (1973)


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